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      Let the Creative Journey Begin 

      WOOHOO!! (Insert Happy Dance) I hope you are as excited as I am!
      Welcome to the super fun and pretty darn awesome Welcome Home Custom File Club! So happy you have decided to become part of the WHC family.

      What to expect next? Cool exclusive designs and super sweet discounts? YEP! A fun exclusive facebook group where we discuss trends and creative thought process? Most certainly!

      So now what?! Let's get some of the housekeeping stuff out of the way first. You will note I asked for your facebook name! This is so I can validate entry into the exclusive WHC File Club group! If you totally messed that up... have no fear! Just message me on facebook with your name, email and correct facebook name so we can fix it! Click the button to join!


      Now the fun part. How do I access my files as they become available?

      Accessing your files will be a lot like making a purchase EXCEPT the files won't have any $$ attached to them. You will need to FIRST LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.

      IF you are not logged in, you will receive a message that states you must log in to access this area or files.

      Once you are logged in, you will be able to view any files that have been added to the subscription service while you have been a paying member.

      You will need to click on the file you wish to download. If you want to download more than one file, then you will want to just simply add to cart. Fill your cart with freebies, subscription files, or even paid files if you wish. You can do it all at once. You will only be charged for the files that have a $$ dollar amount attached to it. If all of the files are ZERO dollars, that is fine too, but you still need to complete the "purchase" process.

      This is an example of what your shopping cart could look like! In this example I am wanting to download the free quilt file under the "freebies" collection AND my subscription file. NEXT select CHECKOUT

      This is the checkout screen. The right side of the screen will show you all the files are wish to download. NOTE THE FREE! WOOHOO! Again, you will only be charged for the file if there is a dollar amount attached to it.

      Note on the left you will need to fill out your billing address. This is required whether or not you are downloading a file with a value. Sorry guys. I don't make up the rules here. Luckily your information may autopopulate... making everyone's life just a little easier.

      Next you will need to select the proceed to payment button! DON'T WORRY! Trust me. All is good.

      This is the payment screen! If you have a file with value attached to it, you will be asked for a form of payment.... BUT since we are talking about the subscription files, no payment amount will be required!

      Note the fun box labeled payment. It states "your order is free. No payment is required!"

      Now select Complete Order!

      WOOHOO! Thank you for your order. Once that is complete, you will want to click on the button that states "Access Digital Content"

      But what if I was soooo excited I breezed my way right through this screen. HAVE NO FEAR! You will also receive an email! This email will take you right back to this screen!

      This is what your email will look like. Click on "View your Order" and it will take to back to the "access digital content" location.

      YAY!! That's my order! You now select the file you will to download.

      Now just click on the description to start the download process. Use the cute little arrow on the screen right above the file file description name to go back to the other files and repeat the download process!

      Okay. Okay. I know what you are thinking. That is A TON of information to remember. Just know you will receive an email with similar information that you can tuck away for safe keeping! Alright well let's get busy! Make sure to ask to join the facebook group... and I can't wait to see you in there voting for your first exclusive WHC file!!!