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Designing for Lasers

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Hey there!
I am Robin and the designer behind Welcome Home Custom.  I have been creating and selling laser cut files to the laser community since January 2020.  

After tons of requests, I am FINALLY ready to teach others what I have learned  when it comes to Designing for Lasers... from the good to the what not to do... bad.


Each week of the online course, we will work through a new project from designing to cutting on your own laser.  I am firm believer that we must put our new found skills into action to fully retain all the information! 
Yes.  I understand what it is like to be completely overwhelmed! I am a "learn by doing" person.    
The course will have video course instruction along with a transcript to follow along so you can easily create the projects too.

Honestly- I have no idea how I even found this club, other than it was an impulse purchase that just happened my way at just the right time. I am so glad I did though, I love the timeless designs  (3).png__PID:518b18e6-22a5-4160-8b5c-1384c8ff1735

Projects shown are representative of what I design.  Projects are still being determined for the course.

Ready to stop relying on file designers to create everything for you? 

Want freedom to modify and even design laser file from scratch?

 Interested in selling your own laser ready files but don't have a clue what is required for other and all lasers?