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      Introducing a Members' Choice Exclusive File Subscription

      This is what I like to call the “choose your own creative path” subscription. Why? Because you guys tell me what you want exclusive. Here is how it will work:


      Members VOTE to select 90 day exclusive* files for the WHC File Club

      In the private WHC Facebook group, I will go on live once a month to show you some fabulous files I am working on. The group will have 24 hours to decide the following on each file set I present. Members will typically receive 3 to 5 files or file SETS. A set is defined as a coordinating file grouping of two or more files.

      • Members vote in the private Facebook group.
      • Top voted file sets win! Between 3 to 5 files or file sets become exclusive to the group. Number of file sets depends on the complexity of the files.  
      • The bottom votes will become available to purchase with the membership discount.  


      30% off all files... with the possibility to receive 60% off!  Say what?!

      Wait what? Yeah. 30% off all files purchased on the Welcome Home Custom website.

      • As long as you are a member, you will receive 30% off all files.
      • No minimums and no quantities required. Just a good old fashioned discount.
      • Opportunity to earn up to 60% off files!  More details about this once you are in the club!


      Member ONLY access to marketing photos

      No watermarks. And unique for just the group.

      • Pictures of the Exclusive Member Chosen Files will be included with the file downloads
      • Pictures will not contain any watermarks
      • These pictures may be used to promote the products.


      A place to show off all the new designs, vote, and discuss design

      • I openly share my thought process, my influences, and creative rabbit hole I chased to design the files
      • We discuss how to make the files from start to finish. 
      • Most important! We vote on what is exclusive for the month!


      Only $19.95 per month! Let's review.

      • Exclusive member chosen files every month with 90 day exclusive.
      • 30% off all other files... but can earn up to 60% off.  More details once you join the club!
      • Photos for marketing exclusive to the group
      • WHC File Club member only Facebook site